The First Chapter of 2015

The end of a year. The beginning of a new one. The first day of January is a night of celebration, surrounded by people you love. There is a sense of newness, a feeling that you can start over or try again.

2014 was a big year for me. Because it was the year I created Mila Rosa. It was the year I decided that writing wasn’t just going to be a hobby anymore. That my little scribbles of inspiration and notes were going to come alive. And I have all of you supporting me. Mila Rosa is something so real to me, and it is something that I will continue to grow and I hope it is something you are proud of.

I have also grown up so much. My priorities have changed; nights out have been swapped for nights in. I have chosen quality over quantity in my career, my relationships, my family, and myself. My relationships have grown so much and no amount of success can ever complete me the way the people I love do.

There was also heartache in 2014. I lost my grandmother and had to watch my dad slowly feel defeated losing an uncle, a sister, and now his mother within the span of four years. I felt friendships change. I saw struggle and hurt. I saw just how hard life can be. 2014 was another year testing my strength, pushing my patience, and forcing me to change through growth and loss. But I also saw beauty. I enjoyed making more memories, I experienced laughter, and I let my words come alive through this website. I saw my passion blossom right in front of me.

What about what I have learned this past year? I learned that I need to believe in myself because nobody else will do it for me. I learned that I am just me and that if I try to change how I am to please others, I will end up losing myself. I have learned that everything seems to have a price, but whatever has a price does not have a value.

I have learned so much about greed and what it can do to an individual. I have learned that so many of us are working so hard to save money to buy things we don’t need. We are not living. I know too many individuals who are chasing money and do not understand the important parts of life. I have seen where this path leads individuals and I have seen it destroy their being, their worth.

How many of us have had this conversation: “Are you sure this is what you want to do? You say, “No of course not but its only temporary because I need money”. They reply, “Do you have enough to eat?” Yes. “Have you got a place to live?” Yes. “Do you have clothes on your back?” Yes. “So why are you doing a job just to earn money?”. You earn from work and if it doesn’t fulfill your soul – then don’t do it.

Be sure of what you do today because you will be giving up a day of your life for it.

I have learned that too many of us dream of things. We need to start acting with our hearts and allow our soul to have a purpose. Most importantly – I have learned to trust myself. I am the only one who can truly look into my heart and understand the degree of passion within me. Nobody has any business telling me what I can and cannot do. Because while they may know the cost and sacrifice of starting over, the statistics of being successful, or the odds against me – they do not know me.

This year I am going to write more. So many things happen that I don’t remember. So many parts of my day that I lose. 2015 I don’t want to lose any of it– the people, the moments, the memories.

In 2015 I hope I create a future for myself, not just a for now.

 My resolutions never change; they simply grow more with each passing year:Jan. Blog

  • Believe that anything is possible
  • Buy good books and make time to read them
  • Exercise daily even when it sounds like a terrible idea
  • Find the best in others
  • Have days full of meaning

I hope you understand that each day is a celebration and it is a chance for a new start. You always have another chance to get it right. So I hope you are brave enough to use each day as an opportunity. I hope you do what you have always dreamed of. I hope you experience new things, that you worry less, use your time wisely, that you cherish your friends and family, and listen. Celebrate each and every day. All you have is today. All you have is right now. And maybe, just maybe… that is enough.

I hope within all the pain you have endured, all the sacrifices you have had to make, all the failures that have overcome you, and all the time you have spent – that you find you are worth it all.

“Often, it’s not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be, and already are, but don’t know how to be.” – Heath L. B.

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