This word is one of the most beautiful. To speak it, to see it… there are not enough words to capture it all.

It causes the world to slow down. Maybe it doesn’t even feel real…

I think it is also something so easily lost. We learn to become busy, to judge much too easily, and allow distractions to misguide us. Today, we have longer commutes, longer working hours, and uncertainty in our future. Our stresses beat us down and we suddenly become blind to the walls around us. We are taken away from what it’s really all about.

Love exists.

Love will show you that life is not about building up walls. It’s not about hiding your imperfections and hoping someone will love you for all that you are. Love will show you comfort in the imperfections. It will show you what really doesn’t matter.

Today, there is huge pressure to be this “perfect” image. Perfect body, perfect career, and perfect beauty… We spend time and money on things like suits, makeup, and high heels – to feel more confident in who we are. Maybe we even go as far as drinking our anxieties and insecurities away.

We are human. I understand that. You might have a million people tell you how amazing you are but if there is one person who disagrees – it will be all you notice.

Can I tell you something? You are beautiful. Please slow down and understand that what you are trying to be, you already Feb. Blogare.

Look in that mirror. If you can’t see yourself – find out why. Find out who you are. Do not be tricked into looking at yourself through the reflection of others. Do not dare be their reflection. You must understand your beauty and accept that you cannot change other’s opinions.

You have two choices – you can either spend your time trying to know yourself or you can spend it trying to hide yourself. You cannot do both.

We all have flaws, quirks, hurts, tears, and triggers. But this is love. It’s okay to be imperfect, because it’s possible to be beautiful too. I am not blind to your flaws; it is your soul that I see so clearly.

I hope you never doubt who you are. I hope you encourage yourself and you continue to believe in all that you can do. If you feel alone, know that you must love yourself. You must remember that when no one else does. Each passing day will teach you something about yourself and if you listen, you will hear. Value yourself. Accept yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. Beauty is within you.

Love is simple.

Yes, it is a beautiful word. But the real beauty lies in what it does. One day, if you have not found it yet, your path will cross with someone. That someone is going to help you, they will undo all the heartache you have had to endure from the past, and add to your life. You will see that individual and go, “It was always you”. Be patient if you have not found it yet. It will find its way. It will come.

I wrote a few blogs ago about the doors we open and close that dictate our lives. There is one door we all have – in it are ourselves, our failings, our journeys, our thoughts, our feelings, our love. It is the door connecting us to the ones we love. When you open this door to someone you are letting them see your strengths, your achievements, your growth, but also your limits and vulnerabilities. Sometimes, we put our heart in it, and we forget to take it out.

Love has many different forms and it means so many different things for so many different people. It will challenge you, it will bring out the good (and the bad) in you, and it will make you want to become a better person. But do not be fooled – it will not change who you are, what you like, or who you hope to become. It will only bring out the person you have always been.

You are, and always will be, who you choose to be. It’s your responsibility to be the person you want to be. If you want to be the individual who knows how to forgive, who’s not full of hate, and who is able to smile. Then that’s who you have to be. We are what we choose.

Happy Valentines Day ❤

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