What we lose by being busy…

Hey, Whats New?A common question we all hear – probably on a daily basis – is “How are you?”. And how many times have you answered, “Good, super busy! How are you?” Work is crazy, you have a million errands to do, you can’t imagine ignoring your e-mail or phone for a long period of time. You’re buried in work, crashing on deadlines, maybe putting out a few fires here and there? …Should I be worried?

When did being busy become a badge of honor?

Busy individuals and productive individuals are not the same thing. Busy individuals are rushing all over the place, maybe running late. They head to work, meetings, social engagements, etc. This usually means less free time for family and friends and sleep… what’s sleep? E-mails are lighting up their phones every minute, their day planners are full. Maybe this makes you feel a sense of importance? But it’s all an illusion.

It’s almost like a competition- “I’m more important and my time is more valuable because I’m busier and more in demand”. Hate to break it to you – everyone is busy in all sorts of ways. It’s easy to fill your plate. But this doesn’t mean that you should.

Yes it’s awesome if you’re a hard worker, but it’s even better if you’re a smart worker. In university I think I read every single chapter assigned in my first year. I had flash cards for everything, outlines, and an agenda to get everything done. I learned in my second year that it was time to throw that out the window. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t work this way because maybe it works for you – I’m saying you need to know what you have to do as opposed of doing everything.

There are a lot of reasons we become busy. Maybe busy means you are forgetting what you are really feeling, maybe it’s an excuse, maybe you feel worthy when your life is busy? It has become your identity and suddenly when you have nothing to do you feel un-ambitious. People are like that though. We become attached to anything we can grab a hold on. Money, art, music, love – whatever it is. The truth is, busy distracts us. Distracts us from the truth, from what hurts. Sometimes we become busy to distract from being ourselves. And it’s addicting.

So why did we start measuring our self worth by the length of our to do list? Why do we take pride in how many appointments we have? Being busy doesn’t make life important. Having a purpose does. Something that will allow you to grow and most importantly – let you enjoy the best of what life has to offer.

So how are you?

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