The Social Experiment

When I decided to create a blog, I knew everything would change. I was suddenly going to be swallowed into this online social media world of exotic travels, decadent desserts, and picture perfect lives. Let me tell you something about me – I am simple. I have an old soul. I love reading, baking, and spending time with family and friends more than anything. I don’t reply for hours and my Facebook is very neglected. It’s just the way I am. I have no interest in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, etc. But I knew if I wanted to join the online world, I’d have to learn. So in this blog I am going to tell you what I have learned through this new world, this new hype.

If my audience was going to be anywhere – I knew it would be Twitter. This platform was huge and carried many groups of unique individuals. “Tweeting” was easy to do, however it was hard creating meaningful content in such a small text box. But if I could learn to say what I wanted to in fewer words, it could be very effective.

When I joined Twitter I wanted to delete my account after the first hour. I really thought I’d like Twitter because I love to write and having a platform to write all my ideas and thoughts that came to mind at any given moment sounded perfect. But it was overwhelming. I didn’t know what to say? I didn’t know how to say it? Then of course I was always taught to think before I spoke and this world seemed so full of thoughts that were “tweeted” without any thought. Twitter was so busy and it felt like content overload following only 50 accounts. There were individuals on there following thousands! I felt like my tweets were being buried in feeds.

Then there was Instagram. Oh gosh. Where to begin… This is where everyone looks like a GQ Model and lives look like they came from Vogue Magazine. I felt like I was in a world that was blurred in a clear lens. I found myself enjoying my morning tea and thinking, “Should I be taking a picture of this?”. Then I’d spend twenty minutes trying to be creative and make this picture look perfect. Impossible. I’d delete every photo thinking this is stupid. Then my tea would be cold and my morning bliss would be wasted.

In a world where we are encouraged to document everything important to us – it’s hard to enjoy moments anymore. I’d walk by a group of girls taking photos for a friend’s birthday, or two friends sitting across from each other in a restaurant – both snapping away at their chocolate cake and tweeting their thoughts. I laughed to myself. What is this world coming to? I wonder sometimes if all this social media is costing us real life communication.

I see birthdays, weddings, baby’s first steps, and crazy nights. We all do it. These great tumblr_nh1yneiVBg1sems5fo1_500moments happen and we feel like we need to capture it. Otherwise you feel this sense of loss. I find myself driving in the morning and wishing a camera could capture the sunrise I see. The hundred different shades of blue. But it never will. No matter how many filters I use, no matter how great my camera is – it will never capture the moment the way I see it. There is magic in the moment. I wish for you never to lose that magic. I wish for you to never be blind to it.

No matter how many social media accounts I have, I am still going to live my life. I am still going to enjoy my coffee without feeling the need to take a picture of it. I am still going to travel and enjoy the different cultures and tastes without losing the moments and worrying every split second for a picture. I promise you, the most exquisite things happen when there is no time to grab your phone or camera. I want to enjoy all the moments I get in this life because life itself is too fragile and is always fleeting. I hope you realize that too. I hope you realize that the best kind of life to live is one where the moments are too beautiful to capture. Fill your life with views nobody will believe you saw.

My life is simple and I am going to keep it that way as much as I can. I do not want to become obsessed with the online world and neglect my own life; the one right in front of me. You could say I am stuck in the middle. One side of me wishes everything could be simple again. But the other side of me is so grateful. That I never miss a moment. A friend announces an engagement, a baby on the way, a graduation… My family is all over the place and in front of the computer they are all in one place. It is amazing. Just how connected we have become.

So my question to you is… has social media brought us closer together… or farther apart?

3 thoughts on “The Social Experiment

  1. Your beautiful post has captured my feelings. I’m old and stop to sniff the flowers, read, hike, and generally capture the moment much to the frustration of my hurried family because i won’t even get a smart phone. As far as I can tell it is a tyrant more than a help—just read in the paper that people now spend 31/2 hours a day on their apps. As a writer with an upcoming book, I,I now enjoy my weekly blog where I’ve made new friends and learned new things, but my brain can only take in so much and I don’t need more hurried stress

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  2. Your thoughts mirror mine. You have captured one of the issues our modern lifestyles have to address. A lot of us become so immersed in social media that we forget to live.

    In my opinion, most social media are just marketed illusions or a virtual showroom for private and public lives.

    Snapping pictures and sharing them is the fast food of creativity. You capture and expect “likes” to flow your way, but is it really meaningful? Do people really take time to enjoy and dive in your snap work? Mostly I doubt it. I believe fast anything is unhealthy.

    I love writing just like you, and I love sharing and getting feedback from people who share the same passion. So I use social media as a means to share and discover. I filter the contents I read because time is priceless.

    I love being connected with my friends all over the world, but I don’t neglect those who are living right next to me.

    With social media, just like with everything else in life, I believe the measure resides in finding your balance.


  3. in my opinion !! Our time of day it is known, one must know why, must be on internet, recognize own boundary, priorities sit, and sometimes rest, not and would never give, perfection, so stay in the middle. because Without, WordPress I could not write now.((*L*))


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