Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost her…

The woman and girl I used to be…
She used to live on the edge, she used to take me everywhere, and she always had something to experience.
She craved adventure and loved the thrill. She made mistakes, but always learned her lessons.
Every chapter of her life was filled with richness.
But one day, she slowly started to go away. It wasn’t her fault. Someone new was moving in and there wasn’t room for the both of them.
Adventures were gone, laughter was forgotten, and life had slowed.
Sometimes I forget what I used to be like, long before my diagnosis.
And sometimes I take a risk, I step off that ledge and cross the line drawn in front of me, and I hear her voice again.
I feel her still inside of me. She’s still in there somewhere. I know she is. Because every so often, I can feel her again. 

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