It is the oldest story I know.

One day you are simply a child, exploring and finding things that interest you. Then without any kind of notice, today turns into yesterday.

And this becomes your life.

It is one of the saddest stories and I hate telling it. I hate it. Settling. The word makes the hair on my skin stand.

You go to the school your parents want you to go to, you pick a career based on income or someone else’s opinion. You get scared of being alone so you live a life with only a fraction of the love you deserve. So here you are, waking up everyday, earning your money and going by the book.

I feel for you, really, I do.

You are in such a rush to become finished that you settle.

Who are you? Do you even know? Why are you so afraid of being alone? Of being different? Of taking a damn risk? Trust me, you will suffocate much more and for much longer if you settle now.

I hate practicality. I want a life full of passion and recklessness. I want to use every ounce of my being living this way. I hope I never become easily defined. I don’t want to just survive this life, but I actually want time to live it. I want to be happy and have a purpose.

Everything adds up…

Hear me out… I feel like this life is eating me alive sometimes. I feel like a robot among many others. Doing what I am supposed to, and not what I need to. This life can fool you pretty good. It can trick you into wasting your entire being.

But not me. Not anymore.


I want enough time to be what I’ve waited to be – Tyler Knott Gregson

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