To Love Again…

Everything was done, tumblr_o17u6xa6zz1tazvt7o1_500
The moment our eyes met.

Those eyes of yours,
Swallowed me entirely.

You knew,
I saw it in the way you looked at me.

I didn’t know why I was so drawn to you,
Maybe it was because I didn’t know someone like you existed,
I didn’t know someone like you could be real.

You were strong, but quiet.

You opened my door,
When I had locked it completely shut.

I was broken,
With no hope of being whole again.

Who would ever see the beauty behind my pain?

I pushed away anything that came close to me.
I became a storm no one could survive through,
Everything around me drowned.

But it wasn’t enough; it was never enough.
To keep you away.

You looked past the heartache that made me this way.

When I thought it was the end, you showed me the beginning.

There was so much I wanted to say to you,
But I said even less.

I felt so much,
But fell completely silent.

I was without words

When I thought I was all out of chances,
You gave me one.  

I didn’t know how I much I needed you,
Until the day I met you.

I couldn’t promise you it would be easy,
But I promised you this…

 Love. It was all I had.tumblr_o0claandba1rpwhvdo1_500

I hope I can spent the rest of my life repaying you,
Knowing it will never be enough.

I hope I can tell you everyday,
How much I love you.

I hope you let me.


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