September 10 – World Suicide Prevention Day


Everything has begun to pull you away,
against your will.

And it’s tearing you apart.

Everything you once loved is being taken away,
and I know you wonder if it will ever be the same.

I know everything is fading,
I know you think you will never make it.

I know your heart breaks every single day,
some days more than others.

I know there is so much on your mind,
but you don’t say much.

I know everything has begun to weigh you down so much that you cannot take it anymore.

I know you want to quit.
You don’t want to keep going.

I know you are shaking,
angry with what the world has robbed you of.

You want to be left alone.

I am sorry that you have so many regrets.
That there is so much you wanted to do and now can’t.

I am so sorry for everything that will never be.

I am sorry for everything that went wrong.

My heart is silently screaming at you,
that you don’t give up.
That you don’t even think about it.

I know you are strong.

Don’t be afraid.


There is so much pain within you,
but there is also so much love.

Remember why you are still here.
Hold onto that.
Hold on to every memory where you smiled,
where you felt love.
Don’t lose it.

Each day, find a reason to not give up. Just one reason.

I hope you find the strength within you.

You deserve every star in the sky.

And if nobody has told you this today –

It’s going to be okay.

I am here to tell you that you are doing just fine.

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