Be Bold

I have never been someone who pictured their life waking up and doing the same things over and over. Routine bores me; comfort scares me more than risk ever will. I have always wanted a fulfilling life and I am okay with the cost it comes with.

I don’t want to live until I’m old and gray if it means playing it safe my entire life. I don’t want to be 90 years old and think I lived some kind of great life because of the longevity.

If you ask me what I would love to do for the rest of my life, it’s a million different things. I don’t have one goal, one destination. I have many.

Don’t ever be satisfied.

It’s necessary to step outside your comfort zone.

 Break past your limitations. You have a mind that is unique and a path that will take you in any direction you wish.

We can spend our entire lives not doing what we want and we think that one day we will have the courage to do it later.

Please trust yourself.

You will make it.

You will never get something you didn’t earn.

And nobody can take it away from you. Not a chance.

Have a vision and don’t wait. Don’t wait any longer.

You deserve more than this.

I will continue to follow the connections that have formed my life. The accidents that have showed me the right way, the misconceptions that have revealed the truth, and the ambitions that kept me going.

I have no idea how this will turn out.

But doing anything else would be unimaginable.

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