When this is over

There are some lessons that we learn in a calm environment,
like through the words we read in a book,
the melody of a song we hear,
or by sitting in a classroom.

But some lessons you can only learn in the heart of a storm,
where there is no escape,
and you are fighting to ensure the darkness does not swallow you up.

I understand how easy it is for life to change.
How quickly you are thrown into a deep ocean,
with no knowledge on how to swim.

It’s frightening.

It’s these moments where your family and friends become the lifeguards that you need.

These people in your life will always make you feel safe.
They will guide you,
support you,
make you laugh,
be there when you need to cry.

And even during this time,
we may physically be miles apart,
but its still possible for your presence to be with someone. 

I want to say thank you to every single person who offered their help and support.

The people who have called,
who have asked,
who have offered themselves in any possible way they can.

I will never take you for granted.

I cannot wait until I can sit and have coffee with my friends,
when I can hug my family,
and have conversations with my neighbours.

One day, we will wake up and it wont be like this anymore.

Someday we will feel the soft grass on our bare feet,
the sun will hit our faces,
and we will feel happy for the simplicity of just that.

Someday, we will see each other again.

There will be a day when everything will settle,
where I hope we are better to each other,
and we hold onto love a little tighter.

Through this crisis I hope we have more empathy,
that we are more patient,
and have more humanity.

After all this, I hope that is all that is left.

I believe that the worst things that happen in your life are pushing you into becoming a better person.

Maybe we all needed this lesson,
and I know it hasn’t been easy,
it’s been messy and hard,
but I know it has the power to make you better than you were.

Trust me.

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