A Broken Place

I am aching in a way I never thought possible,
I am exhausted by all the chaos,
and it hurts. It only hurts.

I cannot understand what I am seeing, what I am hearing.

It does not align with what I have been taught, the way I was brought up.
I don’t understand.

I am tired of these people, these people who use their power, their title, and their wealth to their own advantage and use it against those who have none.

I am tired of these people who feel superior,
who speak so loudly,
but lack so much.

They have so much to say, but know so little.

I am done being silent about this. It is not enough to disagree; it is not enough to be angry.

It’s time to pick a side. To draw a clear line and show the world where you stand.

Because this time, it doesn’t feel like enough to just sit back and disagree with people’s words and actions. We all have to fight to be equal.

Please don’t be silent.

They are outnumbered. They always will be.

I know there is more good; I know that the good will ALWAYS out number the bad.

Every time you knock someone down,
the rest of us only get stronger.

And no matter how loudly you speak, no matter how many times your actions and words knock someone to the ground, it will NEVER be enough.

Because we will never be like you. I will never be like you.

 And I hope one day you know better.

 I hope one day you understand.

That we all deserve to feel safe,
to feel free,
to feel supported.

And until that day comes, none of us will be silent. This fire will never stop burning.

I will ALWAYS stand against the evil. I hope the life you have taken costs you yours because you don’t deserve to breathe.

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