A True Fighter

I didn’t know much about Chadwick Boseman’s acting career, but I had watched a few interviews and speeches he had done over the years and I remember the way he spoke was so mesmerizing and I thought to myself, this guy knows what he’s talking about.

He was so honest, so soft spoken, and you could tell every word he spoke was filled with so much thought and emotion. He spoke so many truths, and all I wanted was to know more.

One interview I remember watching with Chadwick was when he talked about getting one of his first biggest roles at the time and how it was paying him more than he had ever made, but something didn’t feel right and he ended up not going through with the contract. 

The role was a black man who had a troubled past with drugs and violence, and he decided that he didn’t want to play that role. He didn’t want a black man to always be painted in that kind of way; as a troubled, violent human being.

He knew the system was broken,
so many years ago,
before we ever did,
and he fought for that equality the only way he could at the time – by walking away.   

“You want to choose a difficult way sometimes. Some days it should be simple, but sometimes you’ve got to take chances”.

It didn’t matter what everyone else was doing,
it only mattered that you stayed focused on your dreams,
and you never stopped chasing them.

He spoke very highly about the importance of never seeking greatness,
but seeking out purpose instead.

Take the harder way,
take the more complicated way,
take the way that will give you more failures than successes.

Because that way will give you more meaning,
more victory.

And your fight should be not for yourself, but those that come after you.

He spoke about how he felt like we needed to get knocked down sometimes,
and to never fear the failures or obstacles,
because every challenge was simply shaping us.

God has the plans for you,
plans to never harm you,
and plans to give you a future.

Another interview that comes to mind is when he was on CNN, he was asked what superpower he wished he had, in which he replied,

“I wish I could freeze time”.

Like so many others, I had no idea about his four year long battle with cancer. I had no idea that his time on earth was running short.

And the reason being is because he never let that fear drive him,
he never let the cancer hold him back,
he never let it stop him.

There were no limits,
no boundaries.

He was still willing to do what it took to fulfill his dreams,
to never let anything get in the way of that.

He understood how precious time was,
and he knew how important it was to cherish every day of your life,
every small moment,
every happy moment.  

Because life will not always run smooth,
and there are certain things that happen in life that even time cannot heal,
but there is still happiness out there,
and it’s so important to find it.

“You have to cherish things in a different way when you know the clock is ticking, you are under pressure”.

This is a man that survived so many difficult days,
where he had to face so many hardships,
when hope was sometimes hard to find.

But he continued to move forward in his work and life;
he rebuilt himself day after day.

I am in complete awe of what this man has endured,
how he was able to mend,
and how he was able to recover.

He played many characters,
but I know one thing is for certain;
Chadwick Boseman never played a victim.

He did not sit back and watch the cancer unfold before him.
He sought happiness in a place of sadness,
and I know it gave him more strength,
more power.

The world was made better because of him,
because of the hard decisions he made.

There are a few great souls out there,
and Chadwick was defiantly one.

In his short life,
he did what some will never do in their entire lifetime.

He lead us forward,
and I wish we could have had you longer,
I wish you didn’t have to go so soon.

The things you never got to do,
it is perhaps the hardest thing to accept.

You weren’t done.

I see how hard you tried,  
and I will always remember you as a brave and beautiful soul,
who did something bigger,
who kept believing in yourself no matter what,
and chose to be strong every single day of your life.

Everything you have said and done is so deeply rooted in me,
that there is no way I could ever change that.

Rest in peace.

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