What is meant to be…

“…will be”.

I used to believe so whole-heartedly in these words. That what was meant for you, would always find its way to you.

That things would always work out,
that everything would go as planned,
and all of your dreams would never be lost.

Now, I’m not sure these words would ever cross my mouth.

How many times I walked away, how many times I’ve had a clear line drawn in front of me, and no matter how desperate I was, I never crossed it.

“If it’s meant to be, it will be”, I’d say to myself.

This phrase to me now feels like giving up. That if I am stuck in a hard place, it means I should walk away.

And that can sometimes be the hardest decision we make – whether we try harder, or we walk away.

But I’m telling you now, try harder.

If you are not ready to let go, don’t.

Because it’s going to be much easier to let go, to walk away. We’ve all done it at some point in our lives. Taking the easy route because something was tougher than it seemed.

If it’s worth fighting for, take the fall. Don’t ever walk away until you’ve done everything you can, until you’ve done absolutely every possible thing.

I don’t think if its hard that its not worth it,
I don’t think if you have failed 100 times,
that its not meant for you.

99% of the time, it never works out according to your original plan anyways.

And that’s okay – but keep trying, keep going. Try a different way if you have to.

Just don’t give up. 

Don’t let things go easily – whether it be a dream, a relationship, a goal…don’t be afraid to really fight for it.  

If you feel something in your gut, don’t question it.
It’s going to challenge you,
It will test you,
but always fight for what makes you happy.

Always fight for what you love. There really isn’t any other way to live.

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